Own Home is about people not currently served by the housing system, creating homes that meet their own needs.

The project was started by John Baxter with the intention of building —and helping others build themselves— housing that is small, affordable and environmentally responsible.

It is starting with an exploration of ‘tiny houses’ as an affordable housing option, with particular interest in owner-built and community-supported alternatives to the usual construction system.

The Tiny House 1 build project kicked it all off.  (Sorry we’re too busy creating alternative housing models to think up a more imaginative name.)

We are hosting workshops (first one 22-25 April 2016) and information sessions, and John is creating seeds for an Australian Tiny Housing Wiki.

The tiny house movement

There is a global ‘tiny house’ movement, in response to the bigger-is-better housing system which is no longer fit-for-purpose — especially for those in lower income brackets.

We don’t follow a fixed definition (see some of John’s thinking here) but the most important factors are:

  • comfortably liveable— so people want to live there, not just because they have no other option
  • transportable— so that you can own your own home (and build it if so inclined), without the barrier of land ownership


Say hi at 0405 447 829 or @jsbaxter_ or email us below.

You can also regularly find John in the Tiny House Adelaide Facebook group.