A quick wave from the trenches

This certainly isn’t the first tiny house blog that has gone quiet when building starts.

Progress has come in waves, but things are coming along well now, and we’re getting into the final run of key bits that we need in place before we transport it from the build site to its next resting place.  We haven’t yet secured a home for it, and aren’t sure whether this will be a temporary or semi-permanent move…

I have learned an immense amount and really enjoying all the new tiny house people and owner builders that are appearing, lending a hand, and taking these experiences to help them plan their own building.  There is quite a network of helpful builders forming.

I haven’t been entirely slack in my postings – Michelle has set up a Facebook page for us, at fb.com/ownhometinyhousing.  I have kept this updated every week or so with photos and main happenings, though I haven’t been able to get into much detail.  Perhaps when things slow down I’ll go back over what we’ve done and start getting some of the good bits down…

Here are a few shots from the most recent update.

Take care
– John

2016-06-18 16.22.15
Shower base wedged in by internal wall
2016-06-17 12.02.18
View from the loo.  Miraculously dry
2016-05-16 15.20.23
From late June – a naked house
2016-06-17 12.01.43
Wrapped all over and ready for cladding. Clapboard furring going on the front. Thanks Beau!
2016-06-15 16.47.19
Not a bad job for one guy and a wobbly ladder…
2016-06-12 13.39.10
Ceiling’s come up lovely, exposed rafters and all
2016-06-15 13.01.07
Racing the rain… we got there


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