Loft headroom – what’s doable?

Michelle and I had a lovely weekend in the Happy Simply House down in Aldinga.  It’s not really set up, and is without running water, toilet facilities and other such comforts, but we basically glamped indoors and got a feel for designing a space like that.

In particular, we could test ideas about loft headroom dimensions.

I have tried to find decent articles considering headroom online, wasting a fair amount of time in the process.  There seems to be very little out there; and anything I could find dimensions for were US tiny houses with gable roofs (pitched to a steep point in the middle), unlike the gentle shed-type skillion roof slope of our place.

So here are our take-aways…

You don’t need much headroom at all to feel ‘spacious’ enough and to fit most of the things you’ll do. The ceiling was low (like 80cm to mattress in the high/head end, 50cm in the foot end), but it was never really an issue. You can get around on your knees (including climbing over a sleeping* body) fine with that much height.

Michelle does like to sit and read in bed, so it was too low for that, and you know, other things happen, but… hey, you know, creative constraints ; )

So we’re probably going to go a bit lower than we thought, at around 95cm from mattress, which is measured as 5cm higher than the top of our heads when sitting up in bed.

If you didn’t need to sit up and chill out in bed I reckon 75-80cm would probably be fine.

We’ve also been warned to consider the irregular things you need space for, in particular for making the bed.  But having made the bed a couple of times we found that with a futon style mattress it’s easy with little space at all – you can pull the edges up easily while you kneel on it.  No problem!

While it wasn’t as plush as we’re used to at home, we were happy enough with the futon mattress (or at least, with a couple of cheap futons stacked together), and it definitely makes a difference in making the bed, and in creating more headroom (mattresses are thick!).

So there will be no more jumping on the bed, but otherwise I think we just about have the bases covered.

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